Why do I need a Survey?

-Would you spend $200,000 or more on a house and lot, and not know what you bought? Think about it - you come from the closing with a set of door keys and a deed (maybe the right kind) that says you own land somewhere?

-You toured the house - did you inspect the boundaries with a Professional Land Surveyor before you bought the property?

-Did you tell your Realtor you'd like your land surveyed so you know about any problems or issues? Why is it better to know about them before the closing?

-Are you relying on your builder to make sure your new project doesn't encroach on your neighbor's land or into a setback? Has he hired a surveyor to make sure this doesn't happen?

-Will your new project drain correctly? If not, how expensive can it be to fix it?

-What is Adverse Possession? Does that mean that your neighbor can end up owning your land? Just how and where could that happen?

-What does the language in your deed mean? Are there problems with it that you should know about?

-What and where are easements, and why are they so important?

-Why do you need a property survey, and what other kinds of surveys are there?

-Avoid costly legal setback, property encroachment and water problems.

-We can answer these and other questions about your property you may have. There is no such thing as a typical parcel of property, and there are lots of different uses of your property. We will be glad to work with you to meet your needs.

-Remodeling - Renovating - Landscaping? We provide complete site information and topographic data for your designer or architect, saving you money, or worse - costly mistakes.

More Questions

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