Orion Land Surveyors, LLC

Qualifications Summary


William F. Wenzel, RPS

Wisconsin Land Surveyor S-2128

Education at UW - Madison, Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering

member - Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors

Professional capabilities

GPS, GIS, U.S. Public Land Survey System corner monumentation, property and boundary surveys, environmental surveys, street construction & supervision, commercial and residential building site planning and construction, volumetric studies, railroad ROW and construction, archeological surveys, and hydrographic surveys.

Photogrammetric mapping and flight planning.

We have been a 100% computerized operation for 16 years, and a leader in Real-Time GPS surveying for 12 years, using the latest high accuracy Leica GPS system 1200 equipment with the WISCORS Network RTKnet. We have the capabilities to generate field reduction of data, do computations, and share data on the spot when required. We can provide electronic data to your office in most formats, including any ASCII, AutoCAD.DWG, .DXF, and of course, do hard plots in color on our high quality HP 1050 C, up to E size (36" X 108").

We routinely do least squares adjustment of data.

Certified SCUBA diver. Honda ATV-based platform.


Major projects we have been on include:

Aldo Leopold Legacy Center
Technical Partners - property surveys, building layout, parking lot design

Southbridge & Savannah Village Neighborhoods - Waunakee, Wisconsin
-design, layout, plat, and staking
-MABA Parade of Homes sites each year from 1997 - 2011
-winner of a WMC 2000 Business Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Stewardship
-winner of a 2001 Natural Heritage Land Trust Stewardship Award
-winner of a 2002 Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commissionís Water Champions Award
for environmental design and innovative stormwater techniques

Savannah Village            Southbridge

Montondon Addition to Savannah Village Plat (2.8 MB)

- South Bridge - 2008-2011 Parade of Homes site in Waunakee, Wisconsin
Blue Ridge Plat (5.7 MB)

American Family Insurance - Madison, Wisconsin
-road layout and staking

SVA Professional Services - Corporate Headquarters - Madison, Wisconsin
-column analysis and adjustment on a quarter-circular building

Sub Zero Freezer Company - Madison, Wisconsin
-layout and structural steel placement

The Pleasant Company - Middleton, Wisconsin
-layout, soil monitoring, construction layout, structural steel placement, site design, grading

City of Middleton 2nd order Level Project - 26 km total
-entire city cross-linked level loops and analysis

Gillen Quarry railroad - Waterloo, Wisconsin
-railroad siding design and construction staking

Chrysler Corporation Keck remediation site - Waterloo, Wisconsin
-Toxic waste site monitoring well location

Dunn Landfill remediation site
-monitoring well and control location

Ho-Chunk Casino construction
-18 acre parking lot layout and staking

State of Wisconsin DNR boundary & archaeological surveying
-Wisconsin Heights Battle Site, -various burial site surveys (3.5 MB pdf)

We specialize in complex property surveys

17 years of construction experience. We build it right!

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